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Coaching sessions aim to give the beneficiary the freedom and the opportunity to choose his goal, and then help him organize his ideas and set his plan to achieve this goal, after determining his points of strength to invest, and his weaknesses to overcome, and that is through a specified number of sessions agreed upon by the Coach and the beneficiary.

ROUND was designed to be a practical course in the first place, taking into account everything that the trainer needs to start his training experience in professionalism and expertise. The major goal is to transfer the most important skills in a practical way, so that the trainer is ready to ascend in his profession as training
basics become part of his entity.

The purpose of Self-Building Program is to recognize ourselves, to distinguish
between satisfaction, success and self-leadership as a basis for happiness and the realization of the five balances concept. Also, to realize the active sources of strength in the personality and the orientation towards various and balanced achievement which helps us build ourselves.

Ertiqa is a program designed to build the personality of the children, in a balanced and dialogical manner, so that they can communicate positively and confidently with those around them, resulting from their self-motivation. Program is conducted in Arabic Language.

Tashkeel is a programme that focuses on building the personality and developing the life, intellectual, kinetic, and psychological skills of children and teenagers, through: stories, films, arts and crafts, and games that serve the purpose. Program is conducted in Arabic Language.

Tashkeel Summer Club

The Tashkeel course for children is a course concerned with building the personality of the child and develop it properly to be able to excel in his life. The program has extended throughout the summer vacation and will continue every Saturday throughout the year, God willing.
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