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Dr. Nada Jamil Al Badri

  • General Manager of AsasCo for Training and Development in Dubai, UAE.

  • Licensed from ISID in training IMAS and ROUND

  • Educational and Psychological Consultant

  • PhD in Sustainable Human Development.

  • Diploma in Family Counselling.

  • Diploma and Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic. Programming “NLP”.

  • Diploma in BioEnergy.

  • Certified Psychotherapist in “EMDR” Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, UK, Ireland.

Any distinction or achievement is a necessary milestone for anyone who wants to make a difference in his lifetime and thereafter.

AsasCo for training and development was established in UAE, under the supervision of Dr.Nada Jamil Al-Badri, to contribute in building the institutions and their members, fulfill needs, develop skills and abilities, and refine them according to the latest and highest international standards, in order to achieve excellence in the individual and institutional performance.


Our Message:

At AsasCo, we focus on taking care of the individual, family, and institutions because they are the basis of the society. Therefore, we contribute in enriching them and cultivating their skills and abilities through professional training courses which are provided using scientific methodology, high quality and perfectionism.  


Our Vision:

Firm structure, from a strong foundation.


Our Goals :

- Enabling individuals to become effective and creative through training based on advanced scientific foundations.
- Preparing trained leadership that contributes in building the individual and the society.
- Contributing in promoting the woman’s role, in a manner that commensurate customs and the culture of the society.
- Taking care of developing the skills and talents of children as they are the foundation of building the future.

Why AsasCo?

-Certified and specialized trainers for each course.
-Specialized courses, internal and external meetings and conferences.
-Commitment and honesty.
-Continuous follow-up for trainees during and after training.
- Post-course evaluation for both trainer and trainees.
- Practical workshops during each training course.
- Providing hotel booking and transportation from/to the airport upon request.
- Discounts and special privileges for our special customers.


Our Activities :

- Internal and external meetings and conferences.
- Training courses in various fields.
- Life Coaching.
- Weekly Self-Development Forums for women.
- Weekly and seasonal Self-Development clubs for kids.

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Dr. Nada Al-Badri

د. ندى البدري

مركز أساسكو للتدريب والتنمية في دبي



Asasco for Training and Development in Dubai

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